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July, 2009:

SharePoint Saturday Toronto

Wow, it has been a great event! I have truly enjoyed participating in this event. I appreciate all the hard work that everyone involved has put into this one.

It has again been a crazy week for me. I have been all over the place, but have ended my week here in Toronto, Canada for a SharePoint Saturday. I was up first thing this morning and now I get to enjoy each of the sessions.

Right now I am sitting in Serge’s session on search. He is teaching us all about how to improve search on your sites.

Lunch was a little crazy. Everyone went pizza crazy! But it was yummy. And they have different pizzas here than I have at home.

Then I sat in on Richard Harbridge’s session on successful SharePoint implementations. It was one of the best presentation that I have ever attended! He was so great!

Now I am in Kamal’s branding session. He demo’d a great wireframe tool! I will have to try it out. I normally use Visio to do my wireframes, but this Balsamiq wireframe tools looks interesting.

Ruven’s presentation is up next today and then on to SharePint!!! –Okay, so I am sitting here in Ruven’s presentation and am blown away by how powerful Mindjet MindManager is! I highly recommend you looking into this product if you do architecture of sites!!!

I am going to be doing some screencasts in the next couple of weeks leading up to SharePoint Saturday Baltimore. I will try to blog about these screencasts as well.

The first screencast that I plan to do is how to add a FavIcon to a website. Then I am going to create an alternate css file that will change the top navigation menu and how you can apply this to a site without deploying a custom theme to the server.

I hope that everyone has had a great couple of weeks. The next couple of weeks will be crazy for me with travel and User Group meeting on Tuesday night! 🙂