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SharePint Saturday Toronto

So as many of you know, we SharePointers like to be social.  Well, SharePoint Saturday was no different.  I had such a great time visiting the great city of Toronto.  I met so many great people and we had such a great time.



I especially want to thank Rob Windsor, Richard Harbridge and Ruven Gotz for taking me out on the town and showing me Toronto!


The CN Tower.  It was cool to see it change colors all night long.  I have been up in the tower before and so we skipped that this time around.


The Ontario College of Art and Design.  I don’t know about you, but this cool architecture was really a neat thing to see.  Toronto had lots of really great architecture. But you know what, I don’t think that I could go up and study in this building.  I would be afraid that the pick up stick looking legs would at one point snap and I would come tumbling down.

TorontoSharePintDowntown6 Me hanging out with Richard Harbridge and Rob Windsor on this sculpture.

TorontoSharePintDowntown5Me and Richard Harbridge and Ruven Gotz hanging out on this statue outside the Art Museum.

TorontoSharePintDowntown2So after walking around we went up to this cool bar and had a couple more drinks.

TorontoSharePintDowntown4I was a little confused as to why there was a plastic monkey in my drink. It was the last thing I expected when I ordered my Belini 🙂

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