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Design Series of Posts

I have been trying for a while trying to figure out what topics people would be interested in for me to write about concerning design.

SharePoint design is so much more than just code, so I thought that I would start off a series of blog posts.  These posts are going to be focused around basic design concepts and then cap off with how these concepts can be applied to SharePoint branding.

In my work I have spent time learning about User Experience and how basic design concepts can improve this experience.  I am not going to limit this series to any number of posts and I am going to try and write posts about many topics.  If you have requests please leave them as comments on any of the posts for me to write about.

First up is the Basics of Logo Design.


  1. Derek says:


    Looking forward to the design series, this area is often overlooked in SharePoint implementations (budget constraints are usual excuse). Would be good to hear your thoughts on “quick wins in SharePoint design”.


  2. Cathy

    Watching your blog for this series. I think showing some step by step on how to get from point A to point B would be great. Of course, your real world experience as to what customers want would really help too.

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