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January, 2010:

Alabama Code Camp – Jan 23, 2010

Today I participated in the Alabama Code Camp held at the University of South Alabama.  This event is held once a year and had a great attendance today.  They had a lot of really great speakers and I was honored to be a part of it.

I was able to give not one, not two, but three great sessions on SharePoint, specifically on branding for SharePoint today.  There were good questions in my sessions so I wanted to make sure i put a quick post out today that had links to all my presentations.

In the morning I had a session around SharePoint 2010 and End User Branding.  Here is the link to this session:

Power to the People: Design in the Hands of the End User

My two afternoon sessions were focused on SharePoint 2007 Branding.  Here are links to these sessions:

SharePoint Branding: How Do I Even Begin?

How Intranet Design Can Help with End User Adoption

Thank you to everyone who attended my sessions! And a special thanks to Ryan Duclos for putting on such a great event! 🙂

Busy December and January

So I have been working on the next installment of my blog post, and many of you may have wondered where it is. I should have it completed soon, don’t worry it is coming.  I just need to finish the graphics.

But what have I been up to other than blog writing.  Well December is always a busy month with the holidays.  This past year I travelled the first two weekends of the month, leaving myself only one weekend to get all of my shopping done.  So that made it a bit of a challenge to write the blog post.

Then with the holiday’s and traveling to visit my family (okay so I know they are just a short car trip from Birmingham to Mobile away) took up some of the other time.

I also have been working to write my chapters for a new SharePoint 2010 book from Wrox.  A few of us are putting together a “SharePoint for All” book that will house 6 different sections on 6 different topics within SharePoint 2010.  So that has taken some time from my blog as well.

Then to top it all off, I am involved with two wonderful charity groups in Birmingham, AL.  Both of these groups are having events in the near future for fundraising.  In fact, one of the events is next Thursday night.  For these groups, I not only volunteer, but I also donate my design services to create the graphics for the events.  Below, I have included the art work that I have created for these two events.

I will be finishing up the next in the series of blog posts in the next day or so.  Tomorrow I am speaking at the Alabama Code Camp in Mobile, Alabama.  I am presenting 3 sessions on SharePoint Branding.  2 on SharePoint 2007 and one on SharePoint 2010.


Childrens Dance Foundation Mad Hatter Tea Party Ad

Childrens Dance Foundation Mad Hatter Tea Party Ad