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Alabama Code Camp – Jan 23, 2010

Today I participated in the Alabama Code Camp held at the University of South Alabama.  This event is held once a year and had a great attendance today.  They had a lot of really great speakers and I was honored to be a part of it.

I was able to give not one, not two, but three great sessions on SharePoint, specifically on branding for SharePoint today.  There were good questions in my sessions so I wanted to make sure i put a quick post out today that had links to all my presentations.

In the morning I had a session around SharePoint 2010 and End User Branding.  Here is the link to this session:

Power to the People: Design in the Hands of the End User

My two afternoon sessions were focused on SharePoint 2007 Branding.  Here are links to these sessions:

SharePoint Branding: How Do I Even Begin?

How Intranet Design Can Help with End User Adoption

Thank you to everyone who attended my sessions! And a special thanks to Ryan Duclos for putting on such a great event! :-)

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  1. Chris Sims says:

    Enjoyed the “How Intranet Design can Help with End User Adoption!” Excellent insight into how to internally market traditionally IT based projects!

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