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February, 2010:

SharePoint Saturday New Orleans is Almost Here

SharePointSat_022710Wow, how time flies.  This coming weekend is already SharePoint Saturday New Orleans.  I’m looking forward to this event.  It is going to be a great time.

I mean what more could you ask for, it has a great line up of speakers, great food, a fun city and SharePoint!

Please go check it out if you are in the area:

We would be really happy to see you there.  I’m going to be giving three, yes count them, three presentations on SharePoint Branding. Two of these will be SharePoint 2007 and one will be SharePoint 2010.

Tiffany, Casey and Cherie have all done a great job of putting this event together!

After this event, I will post pdfs of my presentations here on my blog, so check back next week for those.  Then I will be taking a little blog break to move to Huntsville, AL.  After that the next place you can see me speak is the SharePoint Evolution Conference in London, UK.


Becoming a Member of the Summit 7 Systems team

So I wanted to s
Post a little note about a really exciting change for me. I have just joined the Summit 7 Systems team.

I am looking forward to working with this great group of people and learning even more about SharePoint.

I will be working with all forms of SharePoint and making it look not like SharePoint. So that won’t change. The only change will be my location, but only slightly.

My location, you may be asking yourself, what does that mean? Well I’m going to be moving to Huntsville, AL in the very near future. I’m looking for where I am going to be living, and will be working towards this move in my spare time.

I am still going to be very involved with the SharePoint community, so that won’t change. I enjoy speaking about SharePoint branding and meeting all of you.

In the next few months, I will be at SharePoint Saturday New Orleans the last weekend in February. I’m currently scheduled to do one 2010 session and 2 2007 branding sessions.

After that I am speaking at the SharePoint Evolutions Conference in London in April.

So just a slight change, but one I am very excited to make!!