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July, 2010:

Women in SharePoint

In the past few years that I have been honored to be a part of the SharePoint community I have noticed an increase of women becoming more involved. This group of women have inspired some of us to form a Women in SharePoint group.

You may ask yourself why we have formed this group, to me it seemed like a great next move. With so many women in the community how do we continue to grow as well as encourage young girls to look into IT and SharePoint as a possible career path?

By forming the group we will have a better community platform to support and encourage women and girls. We will now have groups of other women to reach out to with questions or concerns as well as to gather in person for support and encouragement.

The new Women in SharePoint Board: Becky Isserman, Kathryn Birstein, Lori Gowin , Karuana Gatimu , and myself have already had our first event representation at SharePoint Saturday DC in May.

Our next big outing is at the Best Practices Conference in Reston, VA on August 24 – 26, 2010. At this conference the Women in SharePoint will be handling the live blogging and twitter stream for the conference. We are excited for the opportunity to spread the message of women pursuing careers in SharePoint and the men of SharePoint who have had strong women as influences in their careers. If you are interested in helping out with the live blogging at the conference please register at:

So be on the lookout for Women in SharePoint and how you can help us with our outreach programs to women and girls in school.

If you are interested in the group please check out our site at: and make sure you email us at to join our mailing list.