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SharePointCat’s Adventures in Wonderland

This year is flying by.  As I sit here almost packed and ready to head off to London for the International SharePoint Conference next week, I wanted to share some thoughts with you all.

Where exactly is this White Rabbit leading me, and why does he want me to drink this bottle of liquid and eat this little cake? I’m always up for an adventure and a challenge.

In the last month I was awarded SharePoint MVP. This is a huge honor and I’m super excited to sit down at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Table.

The next big adventure is that I have decided to part ways with Summit 7 Systems. While I’m not sure where I am going, I have faith that the White Rabbit is going to lead me to the right rabbit hole.

So much like Alice, I have been on a grand adventure and am looking forward to the next chapter of the story.

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  1. Best wishes Cathy! Congrats on everything and have fun on your adventure 🙂


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