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November, 2013:

Giving Back to help the Philippines

Being a Southern girl, I understand the devastation that can come from a hurricane, but Typhoon Haiyan that hit the Philippines last week was potentially the worst storm to ever come onshore in history.

Our friend and overall great SharePoint guy Dux Raymond Sy put together a fundraiser that has allowed many of us SharePoint Community members to give back. I have elected to donate some of my hours of free time to this endeavor to help raise money.

So please read the blog, donate and request your assistance from any of the SharePoint experts and MVPs in the list.

I for one am honored to participate in this effort and am hopeful that the number of people perished in the storm is less than originally estimated. Natural Disasters are a horrible experience because you cannot prevent them. My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone affected by the storm.

Branding Presentations of 2013

Wow, I can’t believe that this year I haven’t put out too many blog posts. It seems so strange, but I can certainly identify why. I’ve been quite the busy cat travelling for work and community.

This year I have given a bunch of presentations but wanted to highlight and post the sessions from a few of these conferences and events.

Check out each of the sessions below and learn more about SharePoint 2013 UX.