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Women in SharePoint Moving at the Speed of Cloud

Over this spring and summer I have had a bit of extra spare time (completely shocking to me too) in which I have been able to focus energy on the Women in SharePoint group.  With this extra time I have taken the tasks on of updating the Website and creating a new social media presence.

Working on both of those items led me to a more renewed sense of purpose for how to better support women in technology across all platforms. This led to my creation of the #IStandByYou campaign that is currently underway for the Women in SharePoint and the Women in Technology on IT Unity locations. You can read even more about this campaign on the Women in SharePoint website at

Along with this campaign came the desire to spread the message of support, understanding and knowledge sharing even further beyond our typical environments.  We have been extremely blessed over the years with fantastic supporters like BZ Media and the SPTechCon events. But I wanted to take it even further if possible.

We started small, a panel for the IT Unity Connect Online event, where we included our first ever male panelist. Needless to say from that one decision we began to see even more people wanting to get involved.

That leads to where we are today, with a podcast that was released yesterday by the Microsoft Cloud Show that you can listen to here:

The discussion is now opened up and spreading quickly.  We are very excited to continue this discussion and it has lead to my own personal pledge for the #IStandByYou campaign.  We will be starting up a Women in Technology focused podcast called “Speaking with WIT” very soon. This is an extremely exciting turn of events that is being made possible with the support and pledges from Andrew Connell and Chris Johnson.

So over the coming weeks and months, keep your eyes and ears peeled for the launch of this podcast. Also submit your suggestions for who we should interview or topics we should cover via any of our social media avenues.

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