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Cathy Dew aka SharePointCat

Cathy Dew aka SharePointCat

Who is this SharePointCat person? Well my name is Cathy Dew and I am a SharePoint brander. Many people know that art and design are my passion.  Well, I have found a way to use those skills in a more specialized manner.

I have been lucky enough to combine my passion with my career. I get to show up to work everyday and create great design for people in a setting that is always changing.

Here is my Current Resume: Catherine Dew Resume 2012

A little more background on me first. I grew up in Mobile, Alabama.  I graduated from UMS-Wright Preparatory School and moved on to Mississippi State University. At Mississippi State I studied Graphic Design and painting.  After graduating from there with a BFA I moved to Houston, Texas.

I lived in Houston for 3 1/2 years.  While there I worked at Builder Display and Art, Marrot Communications and Edge Creative Strategies.  I enjoyed working in the advertising world and working in print design, but I wanted to be closer to my family.

So I moved from Houston to Birmingham in order to work for CTS, Inc.  I came to CTS to grow their brand.  The company was in need of a fresh mind to think about how to proceed. CTS is a great IT Professional Services firm that was established in 1993.  In the years that I have worked at CTS I have been happy to see the company grow and reach new goals.  The biggest change that I have undertaken as a part of the CTS Marketing team has been a revamp of the corporate look.  As most designers know, this can be quite a challenge.

In working with CTS I was exposed to SharePoint and began to see that this was a technology that I could perhaps enjoy working with. So I have spent 3 years so far exploring SharePoint and how I can use my graphic design knowledge and User Experience skills to work with this web application.

I now work with Summit 7 Systems. Summit 7 is a great company that does excellent SharePoint work.  I join them as a Senior Consultant focused on Branding, Information Architecture, and Business Analysis. 

In working with SharePoint I also came to realize that there was a gap in the Birmingham community for a User Group surrounding SharePoint.  So in October of 2008, I launched the Birmingham SharePoint Users Group.

This led to a natural transition to take on the Rocket City SharePoint User Group in Huntsville once I moved to Huntsville in 2010.

I am also the Communications Vice President for the Women in SharePoint group that has just been founded.

Okay, so that is a little background on me. But here are some random facts that you might not know.

  1. I like to paint
  2. I quilt
  3. I was a ballerina for many years
  4. I like to travel and meet people

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