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SharePoint Conference 2014–The User Experience Designer’s Edition

The time is almost here when thousands of SharePoint professionals from around the globe descend on Las Vegas. I am honored to be one of the speakers at this years event and am looking forward to sharing my session with you. "SPC203 – Adjust the Perspective with Responsive Designs for SharePoint”
This year at the SharePoint [...]

SharePoint Saturday the Conference–Recap

Let me start this blog post out with a gigantic thank you to all the organizers and sponsors for this amazing event! Without all of their hard work and dedication to the SharePoint community this event never would have happened.
Next up, a giant thank you to everyone who attended this event.  I am always surprised [...]

It’s a SharePoint 2010 year, but Wait it is 2011

This year is off to a great start! I am even committed to blogging more this year.  You will see at least one blog from me each month here this year and I will try to do more that that.
First off, the book that I have worked on with a great team of people is [...]

SharePoint Saturday Huntsville

The time has almost come and I am almost ready.  Are you ready?
SharePoint Saturday Huntsville will be here in just 2 short weeks. On May 1st lots of great SharePoint knowledge will be shared for free with any and all who wish to attend.
I have had the pleasure of heading up this great event this [...]

SharePoint Conference 2009 – Recap

I had no idea that what to expect in attending the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas this year.  I expected a great place to see my friends and to learn about SharePoint 2010.
What I didn’t expect was the complete, almost overwhelming feeling of being in such a social situation with so many other SharePoint enthusiasts. [...]

SharePint Saturday Toronto

So as many of you know, we SharePointers like to be social.  Well, SharePoint Saturday was no different.  I had such a great time visiting the great city of Toronto.  I met so many great people and we had such a great time.

I especially want to thank Rob Windsor, Richard Harbridge and Ruven Gotz for [...]

What a Busy Week Already

Wow, this week has been a whirlwind and it is only Tuesday night.  So far this week, I have travelled to Atlanta for the Atlanta SharePoint Users Group meeting and taught a SharePoint Designer Level 1 class at New Horizons training center.  It has been a SharePoint full week.
The drive to Atlanta was easy yesterday [...]