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A busy little SharePoint Cat

Wow, 2014 has been a whirlwind so far. Between planning SharePoint Saturday Huntsville in February, SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas in March, and planning a SharePoint Saturday in Nashville just last weekend. So many great community happenings and fun things to do.
Now that I have a second to breathe I want to acknowledge all the [...]

SharePoint Conference 2014–The User Experience Designer’s Edition

The time is almost here when thousands of SharePoint professionals from around the globe descend on Las Vegas. I am honored to be one of the speakers at this years event and am looking forward to sharing my session with you. "SPC203 – Adjust the Perspective with Responsive Designs for SharePoint”
This year at the SharePoint [...]

Don’t Look Back… Just take a Glimpse and Move Forward

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…. okay not so much on the worst side. As I have spent the last few weeks reflecting on 2012 I have realized how many fantastic things happened to me during this year.
Let’s focus in on a few of my top highlights.
A New Beginning
In [...]

Starting out 2012

As I was sitting around trying to decide what to start out 2012 with when it comes to my blog posts I decided that I would go ahead and edit both my About Me page and my Design Portfolio page. 
This allows me to share some of my work with all of you and gives me [...]

SharePoint Saturday the Conference–Recap

Let me start this blog post out with a gigantic thank you to all the organizers and sponsors for this amazing event! Without all of their hard work and dedication to the SharePoint community this event never would have happened.
Next up, a giant thank you to everyone who attended this event.  I am always surprised [...]

Every Problem has a Solution, Even SharePoint Branding

When working with SharePoint branding you often run across the problem of how to properly deploy your work. The best practice for deploying branding is to put it into a feature by creating a wsp.
But what is a wsp or Solution file and how do we create this.  Most of us who are Designers first [...]

It’s that special time of year again…

Conference season! I know these days there is always some SharePoint gathering for you to take part in. I started writing this post as I sat on an airplane heading to the Best Practices Conference in La Jolla, CA.
If you are looking for a great conference to attend check out any of the 3 upcoming [...]

It’s a SharePoint 2010 year, but Wait it is 2011

This year is off to a great start! I am even committed to blogging more this year.  You will see at least one blog from me each month here this year and I will try to do more that that.
First off, the book that I have worked on with a great team of people is [...]

Women in SharePoint

In the past few years that I have been honored to be a part of the SharePoint community I have noticed an increase of women becoming more involved. This group of women have inspired some of us to form a Women in SharePoint group.
You may ask yourself why we have formed this group, to me [...]

Best Practices Conference is coming up!

I’m going to be at the Best Practices Conference, will you?
I am excited to have been accepted as a speaker for the Best Practices Conference in August. This time there will be no ash cloud from speaking at my first major conference!
After all DC is a driveable distance from Alabama!!! I can’t begin to tell [...]