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What a crazy year!

Wow, many of you may have wondered where I have been. I haven’t written anything new for you on here for a long time. I am truly sorry for that and I intend to make up for it.
So it has been a crazy year so far in 2010 for me. I changed jobs, moved and am [...]

SharePoint Saturday Huntsville

The time has almost come and I am almost ready.  Are you ready?
SharePoint Saturday Huntsville will be here in just 2 short weeks. On May 1st lots of great SharePoint knowledge will be shared for free with any and all who wish to attend.
I have had the pleasure of heading up this great event this [...]

Becoming a Member of the Summit 7 Systems team

So I wanted to s
Post a little note about a really exciting change for me. I have just joined the Summit 7 Systems team.
I am looking forward to working with this great group of people and learning even more about SharePoint.
I will be working with all forms of SharePoint and making it look [...]

Busy December and January

So I have been working on the next installment of my blog post, and many of you may have wondered where it is. I should have it completed soon, don’t worry it is coming.  I just need to finish the graphics.
But what have I been up to other than blog writing.  Well December is always [...]

SharePoint Saturday Kansas City

So, I was lucky enough to present at my 9th SharePoint Saturday this past weekend in Kansas City. It was a great event with over 200 people in attendance with attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers.  Kudos go out to Becky Isserman (@mosslover) and Kevin Hughes (@sharepointkevin) for putting on this spectacular event!
 If you get the opportunity [...]

Logo Design – The Basics (at least in my opinion)

So, I want to preface this first design series post with saying that the concepts I am stating in this post come from my own experiences and my own opinions. While I went to art school and have worked as a graphic designer for 10 years, there are always other ways to do any [...]

SharePoint Evolution Conference

Wow, I am so honored.  I was recently selected to speak at the upcoming SharePoint Evolution Conference in London. I will be presenting a session on SharePoint 2010 Branding focused on how to Enable End Users to Modify Their Sites.
I’m looking forward to this conference a lot.  I will also get to check off one [...]

SharePoint Saturday Tampa

So, this past weekend (November 13th – 15th) I attended and was privileged to speak at SharePoint Saturday Tampa.  I got to meet so many great new people.  I really do like attending this community events! 
They are such a good way for me to connect with people in the SharePoint world and to meet other [...]

Design Series of Posts

I have been trying for a while trying to figure out what topics people would be interested in for me to write about concerning design.
SharePoint design is so much more than just code, so I thought that I would start off a series of blog posts.  These posts are going to be focused around basic [...]

November and December Events

So, now that the SharePoint Conference is over, I can start of focus on my upcoming events.  So what is next for me.  I think we all have figured out that I like to travel and that I especially like to travel when SharePoint is involved.
Next up for me is SharePoint Saturday in Tampa on [...]